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iPhone 4 hackers open password marketplace

A huge source of personal data in the palm of your hand – that’s what a smartphone has become nowadays. But all the private information kept on your hi-tech device can easily become public knowledge. Privacy For Sale: iPhone 4 hackers open password marketplace Smartphone security: here’s how to start securing smartphones and the data […]

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California governor allows warrantless search of cell phones

Here’s another reason to password-protect your mobile phone: California’s governor just recently vetoed a bill that requires a court-ordered warrant in order to search mobile phones upon arrest. This means that if you get arrested in the state of California, the arresting officer can search your smartphone — which gives him access to emails, call […]

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Mobile Malware

Lookout Mobile Security By Mandira Srivastava Do you think it is safe to access sensitive data on mobile phone? Do you know that malware can steal valuable information from your phone? As smartphone sales are growing, the development of mobile malware, viruses that penetrate the security system of mobile devices, also increases. Mobile malware has […]

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RSA conference looks at online vulnerability

By James Temple The hottest trends in technology also represent some of the gravest threats to corporate data security. Mobile devices, social networking and cloud computing are opening up new avenues for both cyber criminals and competitors to access critical business information, according to speakers at this week’s RSA Conference 2011 at San Francisco’s Moscone_Centerand […]

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Biggest mobile malware threat

Image via CrunchBase Facebook is biggest mobile malware threat, says security firm Researcher claims bad links on Facebook responsible for much higher infection rate that targeted mobile malware By Joan Goodchild -CSO The biggest mobile infection threat isn’t malware that specifically targets mobile devices, according to new research from security firm BitDefender. Malware that targets […]

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SmartPhone and Security

Mobile spyware is malicious software which is used to spy and control mobile devices (BlackBerry, PDAs, Windows Mobile and Cell Phones). Mobile spyware will not only intercept the message between two devices but also determine the location of the device. Basically, mobile spyware software is installed on a mobile device to spy on them. Small […]

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