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CSA Survey Suggests Cloud Security Is Improving

New research suggests the overall state of cloud security continues to improve at a time when more organizations rely on multiple cloud service providers. A survey of 1,900 security and IT professionals published this week by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) in collaboration with AlgoSec, a provider of network security tools, finds only 11% of respondents said they encountered […]

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Taking a Security-First Approach to Cloud Migration

The pandemic and lockdowns hit their first anniversary mark, and many companies continue to have their employees work from home for the foreseeable future. Over the past year, organizations have seen how important cloud computing is to business operations. In fact, according to a MariaDB survey, 40% of respondents said that COVID-19 accelerated their migration to […]

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Passing a compliance audit in the cloud doesn’t have to be hard

Adding compliance trails in cloud environments The secret to resolving compliance and security issues before they escalate into costly audit penalties is to proactively add an automated compliance and security management system in the cloud environment. This way your company can take advantage of all the security benefits offered by the cloud provider while also managing other […]

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How to mitigate security risks as cloud services adoption spikes

The challenges of accelerated cloud adoption The sheer number of organizations moving to the cloud is staggering: we’re seeing 3-5 years-worth of business transformation happening in just months due to the pandemic. As cloud-enabled digital transformation continues to accelerate, there are a variety of concerns. For example, the visibility of data. Organizations (and users) must assess […]

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Security Logging in Cloud Environments – AWS

Which Services Can We Leverage? AWS offers multiple services around logging and monitoring. For example, you have almost certainly heard of CloudTrail and CloudWatch, but they are just the tip of the iceberg. CloudWatch Logs is the default logging service for many AWS resources (like EC2, RDS, etc.): it captures application events and error logs, and allows […]

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Security is the no. 1 IT barrier to cloud and SaaS adoption

More than 70% of tech professionals said security spending has increased in the past year, according to a Ping Identity report. Source: Security is the no. 1 IT barrier to cloud and SaaS adoption Cloud Security

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How to manage risk in the cloud

What is Cloud Computing and does it provide more protection to your business? Pre-order the Softcover; Pre-order the eBook. Cloud Computing will bring many benefits to organisations, some of which include reducing operating costs, reducing power consumption and freeing you up to focus on your core business. The concept of shifting computing to a shared […]

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Way beyond the edge and de-perimeterization

Image by pittigliani2005 via Flickr De-perimeterization term has been around almost for a decade and finally industry is taking it seriously because of virtualization and cloud computing popularity. Is it time for businesses to emabrace de-perimeterization? De-perimeterization is a double edge sword for industry which creates scalable options for operation and huge challenges for safeguarding […]

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Cloud Computing Pros and Cons

Cloud Application Architectures: Building Applications and Infrastructure in the Cloud Cloud computing is the future of the computing, which happens to provide common business applications online that run from web browser and is comprised of virtual servers located over the internet. Basic idea behind cloud computing is the accessibility of application and data from any […]

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