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A ransomware reality check for CISOs

The dilemmas organizations must deal with are dizzying: To pay a ransom or not? Will cyber insurance provide adequate shelter? What’s the role of government? Are new mandates and penalties on the horizon? How are adversaries evolving their tactics? To make sense of it all, let’s first focus on the adversaries and their playbook. Cyber […]

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CISO Interview Series: Investing in Frameworks, Humans, and Your Technical Skills

The journey for someone to the role of Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) isn’t often straightforward. Take Sandy Dunn, for example. Per SailPoint, Sandy started as a paper delivery kid at 10 years old. She then worked her way through software sales, insurance, and even horses before becoming the CISO of a health insurance provider in Idaho. All […]

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Questions that help CISOs and boards have each other’s back

The ransomware threat posed by organized crime groups is considerable, and its impact can be devastating and threaten the entire business. This makes it imperative for boards to ensure the company has taken necessary cybersecurity precautions to resist the threat. Additionally, executives have seen the value of efficient infosec firsthand over the last eighteen months. […]

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The evolution of the modern CISO

The modern CISO The role of CISO first emerged as organizations embraced digital revolutions and began relying on new data streams to help inform business decisions. As technology continued to advance and became more complex, so too did threat actors who saw new opportunities to disrupt businesses, by stealing or holding that data hostage for […]

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Five signs a virtual CISO makes sense for your organization

Here are five signs that a virtual CISO may be right for your organization. 1. You have a lot to protect Companies produce more data than ever, and keeping track of it all is the first step to securing it. A virtual CISO can identify what data needs to be protected and determine the negative […]

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CISO Recruitment: What Are the Hot Skills?

CISO/vCISO Recruitment What are enterprises seeking in their next CISO – a technologist, a business leader or both? Joyce Brocaglia of Alta Associates shares insights on the key qualities What kinds of CISOs are being replaced? Brocaglia says that an inability to scale and a tactical rather than strategic orientation toward their role are two […]

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What CISO does for a living

What CISO does for a living by Louis Botha It’s based on the CISO mindmap by Rafeeq Rehman, updated for 2018 and adding the less technical competencies Download of What CISO does for a living (pdf) CISO MindMap 2018 – What Do InfoSec Professionals Really Do?   Recommended titles for CISO CISO’s Library CISOs and […]

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CISOs and the Quest for Cybersecurity Metrics Fit for Business

By Kevin Townsend Never-ending breaches, ever-increasing regulations, and the potential effect of brand damage on profits has made cybersecurity a mainstream board-level issue. It has never been more important for cybersecurity controls and processes to be in line with business priorities. A recent survey by security firm Varonis highlights that business and security are not fully aligned; […]

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CISO’s Library

CISO’s personal library on managing risk for their organization.

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Cyber Resilience Best Practices

RESILIA™ Cyber Resilience Best Practices AXELOS’s new guide RESILIA™ Cyber Resilience Best Practices provides a methodology for detecting and recovering from cyber security incidents using the ITIL lifecycle RESILIA™ Cyber Resilience Best Practices Best guide on Cyber Resilience on the web – Cyber Resilience Best Practices is part of the AXELOS RESILIA™ portfolio. RESILIA™ Cyber Resilience […]

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