Aug 22 2023

The complex world of CISO responsibilities

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A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is vital for safeguarding an organization’s digital assets. They oversee sensitive data security, combat cyber threats, and uphold data integrity. The CISO devises security strategies, partners with stakeholders, and addresses vulnerabilities. The Help Net Security roundup showcases insights from experts through recorded videos, highlighting the pivotal responsibilities and challenges that characterize the role of CISOs.

Complete videos

  • Josh Yavor, CISO at Tessian, offers a personal perspective on dealing with burnout as a CISO.
  • Kaus Phaltankar, CEO at Caveonix discusses how in today’s complex multi-cloud landscape, the role of CISOs is more crucial than ever.
  • Daniel Deeney, CEO at Paladin Cloud, discusses how companies face difficulties identifying security threats within cloud environments.
  • Chris Groot, General Manager of Cove Data Protection at N-able, discusses enterprise CISOs’ challenges with disaster recovery.

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