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Top FinTech API Security Challenges

A recent report reveals that the number of attacks on financial service APIs and web applications worldwide increased by 257%.   There are more APIs in use than ever, and the average FinTech company takes advantage of hundreds if not thousands of connections in their daily operations. APIs have become a critical component of fintech but also open […]

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7 API Security Statistics you should know

APIs are a powerful tool for organizations to build innovative products and services. Research has shown that over 90% of developers use APIs and 56% have reported that APIs help them to develop better products. However, this increase in demand means there is also an increase in risk. API security is not a new problem. […]

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API Security: A Complete Guide

Our society has become increasingly dependent on technology in the past few decades, and the global pandemic accelerated this trend. What is API Security? APIs are prevalent in SaaS models and modern applications across the board. API security refers to best practices applied to aspects of these APIs to ensure they’re protected from cybercriminals. Web […]

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Why And How CISOs Are Making API Security A Top Priority

A CISO’s mandate is to empower the business to move forward on key growth initiatives and simultaneously reduce risk. To this end, they must continuously evaluate and weigh the security ramifications of many strategic initiatives, ultimately weighing the potential impact on a company’s: • Speed to market. • Competitive advantage. • Brand reputation. By focusing […]

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API security warrants its own specific solution

The OWASP Foundation recognizes this fact via the API Security Top 10 list of vulnerabilities and security risks. When we look at the list, there are six common methods of execution. Three of the issues occur due to weak access control and three to business logic abuse, with the remainder existing due to insufficient traffic management, application […]

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IBM Report Shows Severity of Cloud Security Challenges

IBM Security Services today published a report detailing a raft of issues pertaining to cloud security, including the fact that there are nearly 30,000 cloud accounts potentially for sale on dark web marketplaces. The report is based on dark web analysis, IBM Security X-Force Red penetration testing data, IBM Security Services metrics, X-Force Incident Response analysis and […]

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Adopting Zero-Trust for API Security

Why Use Zero-Trust for API Security Think of APIs as the new network; interconnected in complex ways and with API interactions happening both within and outside  of the organization. “Public-facing APIs—for example, consumer banking—are usually a key area of focus when it comes to zero-trust,” said Dunne. “This is due to the obvious risk exposure […]

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