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APIs Create New Security Headaches

How APIs Create Security Risks The proliferation of APIs that power applications, microservices, containers and serverless functions have created one of the greatest sources of security risk that businesses face today. The reason is simple: It’s not the development team’s responsibility to handle security. At the same time, however, security operations teams don’t have visibility […]

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For Hackers, APIs are Low-Hanging Fruit

By 2022, API abuses will become the most frequent attack vector, predicts Gartner. We’re already witnessing new API exploits reach the headlines on a near-daily basis. Most infamous was the Equifax breach, an attack that exposed 147 million accounts in 2017. Since then, many more API breaches and major vulnerabilities have been detected at Experian, Geico, Facebook, Peleton and […]

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10 Most Critical API Security Risks

10 Most Critical API Security Risks [2019] – OWASP Foundation Advanced Web Application Scanning with OWASP Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP) Web Application Security and OWASP – Top 10 Security Flaws Ethical Hacking 101: Web App Penetration Testing Subscribe to DISC InfoSec blog by Email

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