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WireShark Cheat Sheet

Learn Wireshark: Confidently navigate the Wireshark interface and solve real-world networking problems

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WireShark Cheat sheet

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Ways to Improve Internet Speed

A slow-speed internet that makes you wait for ages before you can finally access a webpage is surely quite a pain! It tests your patience to the last limits and doesn’t allow you to complete your work on time. It is equally frustrating for game lovers, who always need an active internet connection to play […]

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Poisoned proxy PACs! The NPM package with a network-wide security hole

Not long ago, independent software developer Tim Perry, creator of the HTTP Toolkit for intercepting and debugging web traffic… …decided to add proxy support to his product, which, like lots of software these days, is written using Node.js. ICYMI, Node.js is the project that took the JavaScript language out of your browser and turned it into a full-blown application development […]

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Don’t Leave Security to the Network

Key Strategic Criteria The solution is, instead, to focus on building applications that are secure by design, with zero-trust security baked-in rather than bolted-on. This is one of the three key strategic criteria we see for forward-looking enterprises that are accelerating the security of their applications. Make applications secure by design – zero-trust is now […]

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Home and small business routers under attack – how to see if you are at risk

Evan Grant, a researcher at network security scanning company Tenable, recently decided to have a go at hacking a home router. The idea, it seems, was more to learn about the general techniques, tools and procedures available to router hackers than to conduct a security assessment of any particular product. Understandably, therefore, Grant picked a router model […]

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Possible attacks on the TCP/IP protocol stack and countermeasures

The task of a computer security system is to safeguard the information transmitted over the network and to adequately preserve the data stored in it.  Excluding in this discussion threats due to natural disasters, we can classify the man-made risk, to which an information system is subject, into intentional threats or unintentional threats due to negligence […]

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Hospital Operator Takes Network Offline After Major Cyberattack

A Californian hospital operator has made the move to take is network offline after it was hit by a major cyberattack.  Reports state that the Scripps Health computer network that operates across half a dozen hospitals and a number of outpatient facilities in the San Diego, California area was forced to move to offline procedures […]

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5G network slicing vulnerability leaves enterprises exposed to cyberattacks

security in 5G networks

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Developing a Strong Security Posture in the Era of Remote Work

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Nmap Cheat Sheet

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How do I select a network monitoring solution for my business?

Network monitoring is essential for any organization with a network. Requirements may vary, but in general any IT team is going to need a single, comprehensive solution that shows the entire network in context and makes diagnosing network issues fast and easy. An effective solution should be able to discover every device connected to the […]

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Every Linux Networking Tool

Every Linux Networking Tool – By Julia Evans  Subscribe in a reader

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Top 5 excellent Antivirus Protection of 2017

Excellence is achievable but perfection is not. Find an excellent anti-virus product based on your requirements.   Malware are evolving faster than ever, so it’s encourging to discover that the latest generation of antivirus (AV) are better equipped to handle this evolving pace of change. Information security best practice recommends that every PC should run […]

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5 Essentials changes to harden Network Infrastructure

First principle to understand vulnerability assessment, one can’t exploit the vulnerability if a threat does not exist. So by default the services (ports) which are not required in a system (server) will present an unnecessary threat to be exploited if specific vulnerability exists in a system. These unnecessary and unattended services are also the prime […]

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Palo Alto Networks takes Firewalls to next Level

Ashlee Vance, Bloomberg Businessweek For the past 15 years or so, security pros have relied on the trusty firewall and other hardware to keep bad guys from running amok on corporate networks. For the most part, this has meant blocking tainted e-mails and keeping workers away from harmful websites. The latest wave of Web services, […]

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How IPSEC Stops the Three Most Common Attacks Against Your Network

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How to configure your Linksys router for maximum security

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Security and vulnerability assessments

Must have official EC-Council guide to security and vulnerability assessments! Network Defense: Security and Vulnerability Assessment (Ec-Council Press Series: Network Defense) This book will provide you with the fundamental knowledge necessary to comprehend overall network security posture and the basic practices in vulnerability assessment. This book will prepare you to take and pass the EC-Council […]

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Defense in depth and network segmentation

Traditional security schemes are incapable of meeting new security challenges of today’s business requirements. Most security architectures are perimeter centric and lack comprehensive internal controls. Organizations which are dependent on firewall security might be overtaxing (asking security mechanism to do more than it can handle). Some of the old firewalls rule set stay intact for […]

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