Feb 05 2013

Is biometric authentication a new standard for Smartphone’s

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biometric authentication

Biometric device rely on measurement of biological characteristic of an individual such as fingerprinting, hand geometry, voice recognition and Eris pattern. In this post we will discuss if biometric authorization is going to become a standard technology in the future especially the Finger Print technology which matches with loops and whorls of the finger and compare with the stored data template of an individual and when match is found, access is granted.

Issues surrounding biometric authentication

Significant issues when considering biometric technology is counterfeiting, data storage, user acceptance and reliability. The most significant issue of this technology is the integration with existing infrastructure, more specifically integration with network access software.

Other key areas for this technology are the measurement of the false acceptance and false rejection. False acceptance in which a system confuses one use with another or accepts an imposter as a legitimate has to be very low to negligiable. 2nd is false rejection in which system fail to recognize a legitimate user which has to be low and depends upon how many total biometric features are we matching. An organization has to come up what is acceptable false acceptance and false rejection rate for them.

Built in Smart Phone readers

Motorola uses ATRIX 4G in Android phone – Fujitsu uses in REZA phone – and both use Authen Tec FingerPrint sensor

The arrival of an iPhone fingerprint sensor shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise. Earlier this year, Apple purchased AuthenTec, a mobile network security for about $356 million. One of AuthenTec’s key products: fingerprint sensors.

Earlier this month, there is an anonymous smart phone company from Japan who placed a mass production order (100k) sensor from Finger Print Card (FPC) from Sweden who uses their own patent sensor. First order is a pilot order, FPC anticipate a bigger order from a company in Japan moving forward.

Smart phone finger print market is growing fast due to secure payment, secure mobile banking and corporate sensitive data is been moving to smartphone on daily basis. It is expected to be at least 30% of all phones will have Finger print sensor in 2015.

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