Nov 19 2020

Japan Inc to begin experiments issuing digital yen

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More than 30 major Japanese firms will begin experiments next year towards issuing a common, private digital currency to promote digitalisation in one of the world’s most cash-loving countries, the group’s organising body said on Thursday.

Source: Japan Inc to begin experiments issuing digital yen

Japan experimenting with digital yen!

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Feb 05 2013

Is biometric authentication a new standard for Smartphone’s

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biometric authentication

Biometric device rely on measurement of biological characteristic of an individual such as fingerprinting, hand geometry, voice recognition and Eris pattern. In this post we will discuss if biometric authorization is going to become a standard technology in the future especially the Finger Print technology which matches with loops and whorls of the finger and compare with the stored data template of an individual and when match is found, access is granted.

Issues surrounding biometric authentication

Significant issues when considering biometric technology is counterfeiting, data storage, user acceptance and reliability. The most significant issue of this technology is the integration with existing infrastructure, more specifically integration with network access software. Continue reading “Is biometric authentication a new standard for Smartphone’s”

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