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Zero-Click iPhone Exploits

IT’S A SHOCKING revelation: The Bahraini government allegedly purchased and deployed sophisticated malware against human rights activists, including spyware that required no interaction from the victim—no clicked links, no permissions granted—to take hold on their iPhones. But as disturbing as this week’s report from the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab may be, it’s also increasingly familiar. These “zero-click” […]

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T-Mobile Hacker Who Stole Data on 50 Million Customers

Their Security Is Awful’ A 21-year-old American said he used an unprotected router to access millions of customer records in the mobile carrier’s latest breach The hacker who is taking responsibility for breaking into T-Mobile US Inc.’s TMUS -1.63% systems said the wireless company’s lax security eased his path into a cache of records with personal details on more than 50 […]

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Apple’s iPhone Backdoor

More on Apple’s iPhone Backdoor In this post, I’ll collect links on Apple’s iPhone backdoor for scanning CSAM images. Previous links are here and here. Apple says that hash collisions in its CSAM detection system were expected, and not a concern. I’m not convinced that this secondary system was originally part of the design, since it wasn’t discussed in the […]

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Copyright scammers turn to phone numbers instead of web links

Copyright scams aren’t new – we’ve written about them many times in recent years. These scammers often target your Facebook or Instagram account, fraudulently claiming that someone has registered a complaint about content that you’ve posted, such as a photo, and telling you that you need to resolve the issue in order to avoid getting locked out of your […]

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NSO Group Hacked

There’s a lot to read out there. Amnesty International has a report. Citizen Lab conducted an independent analysis. The Guardian has extensive coverage. More coverage. Most interesting is a list of over 50,000 phone numbers that were being spied on by NSO Group’s software. Why does NSO Group have that list? The obvious answer is that NSO Group provides spyware-as-a-service, and centralizes […]

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I hacked my friend’s website after a SIM swap attack

Here’s how easily your phone number could be stolen, why a successful SIM swap scam is only the beginning of your problems, and how you can avoid becoming a victim of the attack Just how easy is it to conduct a SIM swap attack and what can the attacker do once they have taken control of your […]

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iPhone Hack Allegedly Used to Spy on China’s Uyghurs

U.S. intelligence said that the Chaos iPhone remote takeover exploit was used against the minority ethnic group before Apple could patch the problem. In 2019, a Chinese security researcher working with the internet security and antivirus company Qihoo 360 unveiled an intricately woven exploit: One that would allegedly let a remote attacker easily jailbreak an […]

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Identifying People Through Lack of Cell Phone Use

But FaĂŻd’s true mentors were the criminals he’d grown up idolizing onscreen. “He had a phenomenal memory,” his brother Abdeslam tells me. “And he was completely immersed in movies.” Abdeslam recalls an eight-year-old RĂ©doine returning home from a matinee of the 1975 French crime film Peur Sur la Ville (released in the U.S. as The Night Caller), starring […]

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Why enterprises need rugged devices with integrated endpoint management systems

Paired longevity solutions in hardware and software There is a solution to both these issues – durability and security. Rugged devices are designed specifically for your hardworking enterprise operations. They integrate seamlessly into UEM and MDM platforms, can be trained to only engage with secure networks, and can be geofenced to turn themselves into expensive […]

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“ScamClub” gang outed for exploiting iPhone browser bug to spew ads

Digital ad company Confiant, which claims to “improve the digital marketing experience” for online advertisers by knowing about and getting rid of malicious and unwanted ads, has just published an analysis of a malvertising group it calls ScamClub. According to Confiant, this group is behind a massive number of those annoying and scammy popup campaigns you will almost […]

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Have you heard about the Pwn Phone 2014?

by Jamie Titchener If you have to undertake vulnerability scans or penetration tests at remote sites as part of your day-to-day activities, having to lug around a laptop and other scanning and penetration testing kit can be a real pain. Having the right tools for the job is crucial. But how can you ensure you […]

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Is biometric authentication a new standard for Smartphone’s

biometric authentication Biometric device rely on measurement of biological characteristic of an individual such as fingerprinting, hand geometry, voice recognition and Eris pattern. In this post we will discuss if biometric authorization is going to become a standard technology in the future especially the Finger Print technology which matches with loops and whorls of the […]

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10 reasons to ponder before using your smartphone for banking

  Mobile Payment Security 01) There is no clear legislation that sets out your rights to receive a refund if your bank account is fraudulently emptied due to mobile bank app insecurity. The burden of proof seems to be on the user to protect their handset, operating system, software, mobile operator infrastructure and everything else […]

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The Mobile Security Show: Improving Mobility Infrastructure Security Standards

For more episodes of The Mobile Security Show, visit A discussion on Mobility Standards moves towards a rousing conversation about mobility and privacy. Originally recorded at NYU Poly on November 16, 2011. Topic: “Dealing With Exploitable Mobile Device Vulnerabilities” Hosts: Veronica Belmont – Technology Video Host Dino Dai Zovi – Information Security Professional & […]

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iPhone 4 hackers open password marketplace

A huge source of personal data in the palm of your hand – that’s what a smartphone has become nowadays. But all the private information kept on your hi-tech device can easily become public knowledge. Privacy For Sale: iPhone 4 hackers open password marketplace Smartphone security: here’s how to start securing smartphones and the data […]

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California governor allows warrantless search of cell phones

Here’s another reason to password-protect your mobile phone: California’s governor just recently vetoed a bill that requires a court-ordered warrant in order to search mobile phones upon arrest. This means that if you get arrested in the state of California, the arresting officer can search your smartphone — which gives him access to emails, call […]

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Mobile Malware

Lookout Mobile Security By Mandira Srivastava Do you think it is safe to access sensitive data on mobile phone? Do you know that malware can steal valuable information from your phone? As smartphone sales are growing, the development of mobile malware, viruses that penetrate the security system of mobile devices, also increases. Mobile malware has […]

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RSA conference looks at online vulnerability

By James Temple The hottest trends in technology also represent some of the gravest threats to corporate data security. Mobile devices, social networking and cloud computing are opening up new avenues for both cyber criminals and competitors to access critical business information, according to speakers at this week’s RSA Conference 2011 at San Francisco’s Moscone_Centerand […]

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Biggest mobile malware threat

Image via CrunchBase Facebook is biggest mobile malware threat, says security firm Researcher claims bad links on Facebook responsible for much higher infection rate that targeted mobile malware By Joan Goodchild -CSO The biggest mobile infection threat isn’t malware that specifically targets mobile devices, according to new research from security firm BitDefender. Malware that targets […]

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SmartPhone and Security

Mobile spyware is malicious software which is used to spy and control mobile devices (BlackBerry, PDAs, Windows Mobile and Cell Phones). Mobile spyware will not only intercept the message between two devices but also determine the location of the device. Basically, mobile spyware software is installed on a mobile device to spy on them. Small […]

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