Oct 05 2021

Cheating on Tests

Interesting story of test-takers in India using Bluetooth-connected flip-flops to communicate with accomplices while taking a test.

What’s interesting is how this cheating was discovered. It’s not that someone noticed the communication devices. It’s that the proctors noticed that cheating test takers were acting hinky.

How to Prevent Cheating on Workplace Exams - HR Daily Advisor

Cheating on Tests: How To Do It, Detect It, and Prevent It

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Mar 13 2021

Developing a Strong Security Posture in the Era of Remote Work

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Feb 24 2021

Physical cyber threats: What do criminals leave when they break in? 

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Many organizations have maintained heavy investment in cybersecurity over the last year, even in an unpredictable time when other spending has faltered. Gartner estimates that IT security and risk management spending still grew 2.6 percent even as IT spending as a whole fell by 8 percent.

However, while businesses have continued to fortify their networks against remote invaders, most have overlooked the potential for cyber threats from physical intruders. With very few exceptions such as government facilities, organizations tend to be extremely vulnerable to cyberattacks that involve a threat actor gaining direct access to the infrastructure.

While such attacks are extremely rare in comparison to the endless virtual attacks launched every day, physical security gaps can allow threat actors to circumvent otherwise strong defenses to inflict serious damage. Unlike an ordinary burglary, the threat is not what is stolen by the intruder, but what they leave behind – anything from keyloggers to backdoor malware. It’s especially important that organizations that are in high-risk sectors such as finance be prepared for such attacks.

Fortunately, however, with the right precautions it is possible to minimize the risk of a physical intruder, and spot incursions based on digital and physical evidence left behind.