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NSO Group Hacked

Thereā€™s a lot to read out there. Amnesty International has aĀ report. Citizen Lab conducted anĀ independent analysis. TheĀ GuardianĀ hasĀ extensive coverage.Ā MoreĀ coverage. Most interesting is a list of over 50,000 phone numbers that were being spied on by NSO Groupā€™s software. Why does NSO Group have that list? The obvious answer is that NSO Group provides spyware-as-a-service, and centralizes […]

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SmartPhone and Security

Mobile spyware is malicious software which is used to spy and control mobile devices (BlackBerry, PDAs, Windows Mobile and Cell Phones). Mobile spyware will not only intercept the message between two devices but also determine the location of the device. Basically, mobile spyware software is installed on a mobile device to spy on them. Small […]

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