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U.S. Govt Achieves BlueKeep Remote Code Execution, Issues Alert

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) published an alert for Windows users to patch the critical severity Remote Desktop Services (RDS) RCE security flaw dubbed BlueKeep. Source: U.S. Govt Achieves BlueKeep Remote Code Execution, Issues Alert   How to check if a target is vulnerable to the new RDP vulnerability (BlueKeep). Enter your email address: Delivered […]

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A dive into Turla PowerShell usage | WeLiveSecurity

ESET researchers show how, in a bid to evade detection, the Turla group leverages PowerShell scripts to inject malware directly into memory. Source: A dive into Turla PowerShell usage | WeLiveSecurity  Subscribe in a reader

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Stuxnet Malware Analysis

Stuxnet Malware Analysis By Amr Thabet Stuxnet videos library History of Stuxnet – Previous articles | DISC InfoSec blog What is Stuxnet, who created it and how does it work? | CSO Online GitHub – micrictor/stuxnet: Open-source decompile of Stuxnet/myRTUs Stuxnet Source Code Released Online – Download Now Stuxnet Family Tree Grows  Subscribe in a […]

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Malware Analysis

Malware Analysis   Malware Analysis: An Introduction –   Introduction to Malware Analysis | SANS Lenny Zeltser   Five Awesome Tools to perform Behavioural Analysis of Malware Earlier posts on Malware | DISC InfoSec blog  Subscribe in a reader

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LimeRAT spreads in the wild

Cybaze-Yoroi ZLab team spotted an interesting infection chain leveraging several techniques able to defeat traditional security defences and spread LimeRAT. Source: LimeRAT spreads in the wild 2019 State of Malware | MalwareByte Labs Enter your email address: Delivered by FeedBurner

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How to avoid document-based malware attacks

Some 59% of all malicious files detected in the first quarter of 2019 were documents, according to a Barracuda Networks report. Here’s how to protect yourself against this growing threat. Source: How to avoid document-based malware attacks

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New Rocke Group Malware Turns off Your Cloud Security Tools

A new Rocke Group malware sample “captured” and analysed by Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 has adopted code to uninstall five cloud security protection products Source: New Rocke Group Malware Turns off Your Cloud Security Tools 🔒 securing the business 🔒 DISC InfoSec  

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Top 5 excellent Antivirus Protection of 2017

Excellence is achievable but perfection is not. Find an excellent anti-virus product based on your requirements.   Malware are evolving faster than ever, so it’s encourging to discover that the latest generation of antivirus (AV) are better equipped to handle this evolving pace of change. Information security best practice recommends that every PC should run […]

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How should an organization deal with #ransomware?

by Stephen Northcutt A question came up on the GIAC Advisory Board: “How should an organization deal with ransomware?” One of the members, Alan Waggoner, gave a good answer. All posts to that mailing list are private, so this is reposted with his permission. 1. Get reliable, tested backups of everything that is important. 2. […]

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Controls against industrial Malware

Malicious software is called a malware and malware may include viruses, worms and trojans. A virus is a piece of code which is capable of replicating itself and mainly it depends on a host file (a document) to reach its target. However worm does not rely on the host file to reach the target but […]

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The Rise of Malicious Traffic on Networks and how it Infect

  Sophisticated malicious attacks can go largely undetected by most antivirus software.  Defense in depth approach requires organizations to monitor for malicious activity, malware (bot traffic) at various levels of the network, perimeter layer, application level and subsequently at critical data level. How an end user might become infected, the obvious scenario being possibly our […]

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New Stuxnet-Like Worm Discovered

By Jeff James : Twitter at @jeffjames3 In June 2010, security experts, analysts, and software providers were warning IT managers about Stuxnet, a new computer worm that was spreading rapidly over the internet. Stuxnet was distributed by Windows machines, and the intent of the worm wasn’t immediately clear. After a few months it was revealed […]

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Mobile Malware

Lookout Mobile Security By Mandira Srivastava Do you think it is safe to access sensitive data on mobile phone? Do you know that malware can steal valuable information from your phone? As smartphone sales are growing, the development of mobile malware, viruses that penetrate the security system of mobile devices, also increases. Mobile malware has […]

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About Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials can also be used by small businesses on up to 10 PCs! Microsoft Security Essentials provides real-time protection for your home or small business PC that guards against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. Microsoft Security Essentials is a free* download from Microsoft that is simple to install, easy to use, and […]

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Biggest mobile malware threat

Image via CrunchBase Facebook is biggest mobile malware threat, says security firm Researcher claims bad links on Facebook responsible for much higher infection rate that targeted mobile malware By Joan Goodchild -CSO The biggest mobile infection threat isn’t malware that specifically targets mobile devices, according to new research from security firm BitDefender. Malware that targets […]

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The Basics of Stuxnet Worm and How it infects PLCs

Image by biatch0r via Flickr Considered to be the most intricately designed piece of malware ever, Stuxnet leverages attack vectors onto industrial control systems, a territory rarely ventured into by traditional malware. Stuxnet targets industries, power plants and other facilities that use automation and control equipment from the leading German industrial vendor, Siemens. The term, […]

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New virus threatens phones using Android

Image via Wikipedia Mobile Malware Attacks and Defense WASHINGTON (AFP) – A virus infecting mobile phones using Google’s Android operating system has emerged in China that can allow a hacker to gain access to personal data, US security experts said. A report this week from Lookout Mobile Security said the new Trojan affecting Android devices […]

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Stuxnet virus could target many industries

Image via Wikipedia By LOLITA C. BALDOR, Associated Press A malicious computer attack that appears to target Iran’s nuclear plants can be modified to wreak havoc on industrial control systems around the world, and represents the most dire cyberthreat known to industry, government officials and experts said Wednesday. They warned that industries are becoming increasingly […]

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‘Here You Have’ worm and who takes the credit

Image via Wikipedia Malicious Mobile Code & How to Protect from Malware If you receive an email with the subject ‘Here You Have.’ or ‘Just For You’ delete the message without clicking the link. Do NOT forward the email to Security or anyone else. One version of the spam e-mail simply says, “Hello: This is […]

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Symantec: SMBs Change Security Approach with Growing Threats

Image via CrunchBase By: Brian Prince A survey of small to midsize businesses from 28 different countries by Symantec found that companies are focusing more on information protection and backup and recovery. Driving these changes is a fear of losing data. Today’s small to midsize businesses (SMBs) are facing a growing threat from cyber-attacks, and […]

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