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Weaponized Mod WhatsApp Version “YoWhatsApp” Attempt to Hack Android Devices

Cybersecurity researchers at Kaspersky Security Labs have recently identified an unofficial version of WhatsApp for Android, which is dubbed by experts “YoWhatsApp.” This unofficial version of WhatsApp is mainly designed to steal users’ account access keys or login credentials. There are many unofficial versions of legitimate apps that are advertised as being unofficial versions.  While […]

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Red TIM Research discovers a Command Injection with a 9,8 score on Resi

During the bug hunting activity, Red Team Research (RTR) detected 2 zero-day bugs on GEMINI-NET, a RESI Informatica solution. It’s been detected an OS Command Injection, which has been identified from NIST as a Critical one, its score is 9,8.  This vulnerability comes from a failure to check the parameters sent as inputs into the […]

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The Battle for the World’s Most Powerful Cyberweapon

A Times investigation reveals how Israel reaped diplomatic gains around the world from NSO’s Pegasus spyware — a tool America itself purchased but is now trying to ban. In June 2019, three Israeli computer engineers arrived at a New Jersey building used by the F.B.I. They unpacked dozens of computer servers, arranging them on tall […]

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