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NSO Group Hacked

Thereā€™s a lot to read out there. Amnesty International has aĀ report. Citizen Lab conducted anĀ independent analysis. TheĀ GuardianĀ hasĀ extensive coverage.Ā MoreĀ coverage. Most interesting is a list of over 50,000 phone numbers that were being spied on by NSO Groupā€™s software. Why does NSO Group have that list? The obvious answer is that NSO Group provides spyware-as-a-service, and centralizes […]

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Harmful Spyware and their stealthier means

Spyware is utilized to gather information about a person with or without their consent and it intercept or record personal/financial information. Some spyware are capable of sending information back to another computer (originator of the spyware). Characteristic of Spyware ā€¢ Compromise user machine without their knowledge ā€¢ Use vulnerabilities in the software to push a […]

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