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Nine Things That Are Poised To Impact Cybersecurity

Read Forbes Technology Council list nine things that can impact cybersecurity on Forbes : From the Equifax breach this past September to the recent hack of MyFitnessPal data through Under Armour, the number of high-profile cyberattacks has continued to climb in recent months. Every company, regardless of size, must be prepared for the possibility that they […]

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Top 5 Programming Languages In 2018

Top 5 Programming Languages In 2018  Eslam Medhat  Programming world is rising exponentially with every passing year. With over 600 unique programming languages. The main question which comes to everyone’s thought is which language is most appropriate given the current and future market needs. Let’s see which programming languages are popular enough today to deserve […]

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GDPR essentials and how to achieve compliance

The GDPR will replace these with a pan-European regulatory framework effective from 25 May 2018.  The GDPR applies to all EU organizations – whether commercial business or public authority – that collect, store or process the personal data (PII) of EU individuals. Organizations based outside the EU that monitor or offer goods and services to […]

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Data flow mapping under the EU GDPR

As part of an EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance project, organisations will need to map their data and information flows in order to assess their privacy risks. This is also an essential first step for completing a data protection impact assessment (DPIA), which is mandatory for certain types of processing. The key elements of […]

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Secure usb flash drive – password protected and Encrypted

Encrypted Flash Drives Top Rated Kingston Digital 8GB Data Traveler AES Encrypted

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Encryption keeps you safe from malware

  The Electronic Frontier Foundation aims to protect Web traffic by encrypting the entire Internet using HTTPS. Chrome now puts a little warning marker in the Address Bar next to any non-secure HTTP address. Encryption is important, and not only for Web surfing. If you encrypt all of the sensitive documents on your desktop or […]

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The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) in South Africa – Benefits and Challenges

by Ilenia Vidili In South Africa the Protection of Personal information Act (POPI) aims to regulate how companies secure the integrity and confidentiality of their data assets by taking technical and organisational measures to prevent the loss of, and damage and unauthorised access to, personal information. POPI was signed into law on 26th November 2013 […]

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Most common type of data breaches

Cyber attacks have become a regular occurrence in the last few years; in fact, you can’t turn the news on without some mention of a business suffering an attack. Most attacks are fuelled by criminals looking to steal valuable information, but what type of information is being stolen? According to a report by Veracode, the […]

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Hacking Point of Sale

A hands-on guide to achieve better security at point of sale Hacking Point of Sale – A must-have guide for those responsible for securing payment card transactions. Hacking Point of Sale is a book that tackles the issue of payment card data theft head on. It covers issues from how attacks are structured to the […]

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Why to use hardware-encrypted USB sticks

Hardware encryption has tangible benefits as file sharing and mobility tools, as backup drives and much more. Also hardware based encryption is more secure because the keys are embedded in the flash drive, require physical access to get, and very specialized knowledge to extract them. Safeguard keys and critical security parameters within crypto-hardware Authentication takes place on the […]

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Looking for a secure USB stick with hardware encryption

CESG Approved USB Stick CESG is the UK Government’s National Technical Authority for Information Assurance Over 1 million SafeSticks are now in use in the NHS helping to keep patient data and other confidential data secure! Buy your SafeStick today! SafeStick is a secure USB stick with AES 256 bit hardware encryption and is FIPS […]

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Knowledge Management finally gets it’s own book: WKIDM

by Melanie Watson That’s right, Knowledge Management finally has it’s own book:

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Finding And Securing Sensitive Data In The Enterprise

By Robert Lemos @ Your organization’s most valuable data may be stored in scattered – and insecure – locations. Here are some tips for identifying that data and making sure it doesn’t leak out When Michael Belloise joined human resources outsourcing firm TriNet four years ago as the IT manager, the amount of sensitive […]

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