Mar 01 2022

CISA and FBI warn of potential data wiping attacks spillover

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US CISA and the FBI warned US organizations that data wiping attacks targeting Ukraine entities could spill over to targets worldwide.

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) published a joint cybersecurity advisory to warn US organizations of data wiping attacks targeting Ukraine that could hit targets worldwide.

The advisory warns of the potential effects of the two destructive malware, tracked as WhisperGate and HermeticWiper, on organizations worldwide.

The US agencies believe that further disruptive data wiping attacks could target organizations in Ukraine and may unintentionally spill over to organizations in other countries.

This joint Cybersecurity Advisory (CSA) provides information on the two wipers as well as indicators of compromise (IOCs) that could be used by defenders to detect and prevent infections. The advisory also provides recommended guidance and considerations for organizations to address as part of network architecture, security baseline, continuous monitoring, and incident response practices.

“Destructive malware can present a direct threat to an organization’s daily operations, impacting the availability of critical assets and data. Further disruptive cyberattacks against organizations in Ukraine are likely to occur and may unintentionally spill over to organizations in other countries.” reads the advisory. “Organizations should increase vigilance and evaluate their capabilities encompassing planning, preparation, detection, and response for such an event.”

Below is the list of actions recommended to the organizations:
• Set antivirus and antimalware programs to conduct regular scans.
• Enable strong spam filters to prevent phishing emails from reaching end users.
• Filter network traffic.
• Update software.
• Require multifactor authentication.

The advisory also includes recommendations for System and Application Hardening and Recovery and Reconstitution Planning along with Incident Response instructions.

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Jan 27 2022

Puerto Rico was hit by a major cyberattack

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The Senate of Puerto Rico announced this week that it was hit by a major cyberattack that disabled its internet provider, phone system and official online page. Local and federal authorities are investigating the attack.

According to Senate President José Luis Dalmau, there is no evidence that threat actors were able to access sensitive information belonging to employees, contractors or consultants.

This isn’t the first time that Puerto Rico was hit by a cyber attack in recent years.

In March 2021, Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) power utility confirmed early this week that it has been hacked over the weekend.

In June 2021, a large fire at the Luma’s Monacillo electrical substation in San Juan for Puerto Rico’s new electricity provider, Luma Energy, caused major blackouts across Puerto Rico on Thursday. The same day the blackout took place, the company announced that a major DDoS attack disrupted its online services.

It is still unclear whether the fire and DDoS attack are connected.

In October 2020, Puerto Rico’s firefighting department disclosed a security breach, hackers breached its database and demanded a $600,000 ransom.

Blackout Warfare

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Jan 13 2022


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14 Cyber Security Predictions For 2022 – by Mandiant

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