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How Virtualization Helps Secure Connected Cars

Connected cars create opportunities to deliver enhanced customer experiences. At the same time, they also have the potential to provide high cost and revenue benefits. This is true for connected car companies, OEMs, suppliers and insurers (and much, much more). However, car companies haven’t really explored the opportunities to monetize customer data adequately. We can […]

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VMware patch bulletin warns: “This needs your immediate attention.”

VMware’s latest security update includes patches for 19 different CVE-numbered vulnerabilities affecting the company’s vCenter Server and Cloud Foundation products. All of the bugs can be considered serious – they wouldn’t be enumerated in an official security advisory if they weren’t – but VMware has identified one of them, dubbed CVE-2021-22005, as more critical than the rest. Indeed, VMware’s official FAQ for Security Advisory […]

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Thin clients from a security perspective

The mass transition to working from home clearly shows the best technologies for a secure and convenient remote environment. Users receive the maximum security benefits by connecting to virtual desktops from thin clients. A thin client is a terminal-mode device. It often doesn’t even have any internal storage, being just a box that connects to […]

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Virtualization and compliance

Image by lodev via Flickr The core technology utilized in the cloud computing is virtualization. Some organization may not want to jump into cloud computing because of inherent risks can take a shot at virtualization in their data centers. Virtualization can be utilized to reduce hardware cost and utility cost. Organization that might have 100 […]

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