Sep 28 2020

Thin clients from a security perspective

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The mass transition to working from home clearly shows the best technologies for a secure and convenient remote environment.

Users receive the maximum security benefits by connecting to virtual desktops from thin clients.

A thin client is a terminal-mode device. It often doesn’t even have any internal storage, being just a box that connects to a server and lets users connect a monitor and peripheral devices (configuration may vary depending on the specific model). The thin client does not process or store any work data.

Of course, a thin client requires a good communications channel. In recent years, however, that’s not much of a hurdle.

Communication between a thin client and a server is usually conducted over an encrypted protocol, solving the problem of the unreliable network environment.

Source: Thin clients from a security perspective

2020 Security Playbook

1) Data discovery
2) Compartmented Data Access
3) Move to thin client
4) Increase focus on AAA

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