Mar 22 2022

Lapsus$ extortion gang claims to have stolen sensitive data from Okta

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The Lapsus$ extortion group claims to have stolen sensitive data from the identity and access management giant Okta solutions.

The gang announced the alleged hack through its Telegram channel and shared a series of screenshots as proof of the hack. Some of the images published by the threat actors appear to be related to the company’s customer data.

The message published by the group claims that the gang had Superuser and Admin access to multiple systems of the company.


The company is investigating claims of a data breach which, if confirmed, could pose serious risks to the customers of the company.

“Okta is aware of the reports and is currently investigating,” states a spokesperson for the company. “We will provide updates as more information becomes available.”

Todd McKinnon, CEO at Okta, confirmed that in late January 2022, the company detected an attempt to compromise the account of a third party customer support engineer working for one of its subprocessors.

McKinnon added that there is no evidence of ongoing malicious activity that resulted from the activity detected in January.

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