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Alarming Cybersecurity Stats: What You Need To Know For 2021

The year 2020 broke all records when it came to data lost in breaches and sheer numbers of cyber-attacks on companies, government, and individuals. In addition, the sophistication of threats increased from the application of emerging technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and 5G,  and especially from greater tactical cooperation among hacker groups and […]

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Why taking the cybersecurity initiative can win you business

Consumers seem somehow unable or unwilling to protect themselves. But our research reveals an interesting knock-on effect from this: consumers welcome organizations who take the security initiative – and actively move their business to them. Good security is good for business This situation is a huge opportunity for organizations to make security a differentiator. Our research reveals […]

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Cyber Strategy – Risk-driven Security and Resiliency

Cyber Strategy – Risk-driven Security and Resiliency Provides a process and roadmap for any company to develop its unified Cybersecurity and Cyber Resiliency strategies. It demonstrates a methodology for companies to combine their disassociated efforts into one corporate plan with buy-in from senior management that will efficiently utilize resources, target high risk threats, and evaluate […]

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