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Does your company need secure enclaves? Five questions to ask your CISO

Some of the biggest barriers to cloud adoption are security concerns: data loss or leakage, and the associated legal and regulatory concerns with storing and processing data off-premises. In the last 18 months, 79% of companies have experienced at least one cloud data breach; even more alarmingly, 43% have reported 10 or more breaches in that time. […]

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Researchers analyzed a new JavaScript skimmer used by Magecart threat actors

Researchers from Cyble analyzed a new, highly evasive JavaScript skimmer used by Magecart threat actors. Cyble Research & Intelligence Labs started its investigation after seeing a post on Twitter a new JavaScript skimmer developed by the Magecart threat group used to target Magento e-commerce websites. In Magecart attacks against Magento e-stores, attackers attempt to exploit vulnerabilities in the popular […]

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Every Day Should be World Backup Day

World-Backup-Day-1 | Tips for Backing up your Data! GoldPhish | Cyber Security AwarenessDownload Modern Data Protection: Ensuring Recoverability of All Modern Workloads

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What is a Personal Firewall?

What is a Firewall? A Firewall is the controller of incoming and outgoing traffic between your computer and internet network. Who should use a Firewall, and for what? Those wanting to prevent unauthorized remote access. Those looking to block immoral content (such as adult sites). Online gamers – at a high risk for getting hacked […]

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Open Network and Security

Open networks are heterogeneous environment where users like to use all the applications and systems at any given time. In a heterogeneous environment, each department run different hardware and software, but you can control the protocols which will work on this environment. Universities are famous for open network. Most Universities network is comprised of a […]

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World Bank security breach and financial crisis

The World Bank controls the World’s banking system, creates plans and strategies to develop economies to protect countries from financial turmoil. This information is a treasure trove of data which can be manipulated for huge monetary or political gain. Amongst the financial crisis, a major security breach has been reported at World Bank that might […]

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