Jan 13 2011

Meet Stringent California Information Security Legislation with Comprehensive Toolkit

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Three years ago, California state IT council adopted the information security program guide which help organizations to comply with SB 1386. The council advised the use of information security standard ISO 27002 framework to comply and meet the needs of SB 1386.

This legislation deals with the security of personal information and is applicable to all organisations (state and government agencies, non-profit, companies of all sizes, regardless of geographic location) holding personal data on any person living in California. SB-1386 requires such information holders to disclose any unauthorised access of computerised data files containing personal information.

In response, IT Governance’s comprehensive ‘SB-1386 & ISO27002 Implementation Toolkit’ is specifically designed by experts in data compliance legislation to guide organisations on how to conform to SB-1386. The toolkit conforms to ISO27002 and, if desired, also helps organisations prepare for any external certification process (ISO 27001) that would demonstrate conformance with such a standard. The State of California has itself formally adopted ISO/IEC 27002 as its standard for information security and recommended that organisations use this standard as guidance in their efforts to comply with California law.

Which businesses are affected by SB 1386 law?
o If you have a business in California
o Outsourcing company who does business with a company in California or have customers in California
o Data centers outside of California which store information of California residents


Toolkits are designed to help organizations who need to comply with a law like SB 1386. SB 1386 and ISO 27002 implementation toolkit assist ISO 27002 compliance. Also help organizations who are interested in certification to lay in the ground work for (ISO 27001) certification that would demonstrate the conformance with world class information security management systems.

The Comprehensive SB1386 Implementation toolkit comprises of:
1. The SB 1386 Documentation Toolkit: a download with nearly 400 of densely packed pages of fit-for-purpose policies and procedures ensuring full compliance with SB 1386.
2. International IT Governance: An Executive Guide to ISO 17799/ISO 27001 (Soft Cover) This is the US version of the long established world leading manual on designing and implementing an Information Security Management System (ISMS) in line with the best practice guidance of ISO27001/ISO17799.
3. vsRisk™- the Definitive ISO 27001: 2005-Compliant Information Security Risk Assessment Tool which in summary:
o automates and delivers an ISO/IEC 27001-compliant risk assessment
o Uniquely, can assess confidentiality, integrity & availability for each of business, legal and contractual aspects of information assets – as required by ISO 27001
o Comprehensive best-practice alignment
o Supports ISO 27001
o Supports ISO 27002 (ISO/IEC 17799)
o Conforms to ISO/IEC 27005
o Conforms to NIST SP 800-30
o The wizard-based approach simplifies and accelerates the risk assessment process;
o Integrated, regularly updated, BS7799-3 compliant threat and vulnerability databases.
4. Plus an electronic copy of the Information Security Standard ISO/IEC 27002: (formerly ISO 17799).

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ISO assessment is a great first step towards ISO 27002 compliance and toward the final goal of ISO 27001 certification.

vsRisk and security risk assessment

ISO 27002 Framework for Today’s Security Challenges

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Feb 08 2010

Long Awaited ISO/IEC 27003:2010

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The long awaited international standard to the implementation of an information security management system, ISO/IEC 27003:2010, is now available.

It’s a must have –

To Download a copy of ISO27003 – Implementation Guidance

Key Features and Benefits:

  • The first standard to offer comprehensive guidance on implementing an ISO/IEC 27001:2005 ISMS. Using this standard during an ISMS implementation will improve your organisation’s chances of becoming ISO/IEC 27001 certified.
  • Fully aligned with the rest of the ISO/IEC 27000 family of standards, meaning the strengths of all of the ISO/IEC 27000 standards together can be leveraged. Bringing about a higher level of information security, compliance, and cost savings, etc
  • Written in a generic, practical manner, making the advice and guidance within applicable no matter the size, type or location of your organisation.

Get your copy today >>

To Download a copy of ISO27003 – Implementation Guidance

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Jan 11 2010

Long Awaited ISO/IEC 27004:2009

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Security Metrics: Replacing Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

The long awaited international standard on Information Security Measurement, ISO/IEC27004:2009, is now available.

It’s a must have –
To Download a copy of ISO27004 – Information Security Metrics

Key Features and Benefits:

• Provides guidance on the development, implementation use of metrics to measure the effectiveness of an ISO 27001-compliant ISMS, controls or groups of controls. Helping you to quantify the payback to your organisation of implementing an ISMS.
• Covers not just the development, implementation and use of metrics, but also the communication of the results. Helping you to ensure management buy-in for future projects.
• The use of this standard provides opportunities to identify areas in need of improvement, facilitating continual improvement. Thus leading more secure information, cost savings and increases in efficiency.

If you have not claibrated the model with measurement, only one thing is certain: You will either overspend or under-protect.

Get your copy today >>
To Download a copy of ISO27004 – Information Security Metrics

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Nov 04 2008

Open Network and Security

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Open networks are heterogeneous environment where users like to use all the applications and systems at any given time. In a heterogeneous environment, each department run different hardware and software, but you can control the protocols which will work on this environment.

Universities are famous for open network. Most Universities network is comprised of a Bank (To give loan to students), a restaurant, and a bookstore which have credit card processing ability. Students, alumni, researchers, employee and staff need access to utilize resources. Now how would you control access if same person assume all the roles mentioned above. Universities are basically transient communities, where users come back and plug-in their new devices and expect an immediate access to all the resources. Where the reputation of openness is challenge at every step of the way, now the question is how can they maintain reputation and yet control the environment based on security policies.

Reasonable security can be accomplished by focusing on a process rather than adding yet another security control. The process is based on risk assessment program where you assess your critical assets based on threat and vulnerability pair and measure the likelihood and impact of a threat if a given vulnerability is exploited.

The process start with knowing your assets – Network registration will detect when you plug-in your new equipment. Before you get an access, it detects a hardware address and username. You can also control common misconfigurations and noncompliance issues with network registration process. Some vulnerability management systems discover assets and perform vulnerability and security configuration assessment to proactively identify and prioritize risks. New vulnerabilities are accessed from trusted site on a regular basis and when vulnerabilities are identified, the management system needs to have an ability to remediate to comply with the information security policy.

Most of the departments in an open network contains different systems and applications and basically have different security appetite. Distributed IT Governance can address this issue where you develop policies and procedures which fit their needs and hand it over to the department to comply.
Open network requires pretty much open borders, Instead of securing the network/system emphasis should be on data protection.


Recent news from AT&T to make its network open where customers can use any handset of their choice, perhaps a reaction to in response to recent moves from Verizon and Google to promote open network. Specifically Verizon announced that it would allow “any device” and “any application” to operate on its network. These open networks does provide flexibility for customers but at the same time burden lies on the shoulders of the corporations to provide right balance of security and privacy with availability of the network.

In an open network, reasonable security can be achieved by embracing ISO 27k standard and eventually acquiring ISO 27001 (ISMS) certification. Information Security Management System (ISMS) can be a great value added process to manage ongoing monitoring, maintaining and for process improvement of an open network. ISMS as a process in-place provides reasonable security safeguard to your information and certainly help to minimize the liability in the court of law.

End-to-End Network Security: Defense-in-Depth by Omar Santos

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