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APIC/EPIC! Intel chips leak secrets even the kernel shouldn’t see

Here’s this week’s BWAIN, our jocular term for a Bug With An Impressive Name. BWAIN is an accolade that we hand out when a new cybersecurity flaw not only turns out to be interesting and important, but also turns up with its own logo, domain name and website. This one is dubbed Ă†PIC Leak, a pun on […]

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Belgian programmer solves cryptographic puzzle

Belgian programmer solves cryptographic puzzle – 15 years too soon! Belgian coder Bernard Fabrot just finished a 3.5-year computational marathon, solving a fascinating cryptopuzzle set at MIT back in 1999. Source: Belgian programmer solves cryptographic puzzle – 15 years too soon!    Subscribe in a reader

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25 Years of Information Security

Opening theme video from RSA Conference 2016 – #RSA2016 Observations from the 2016 RSA Conference Related articles Tripwire at RSA Conference 2016: Cyberwar @ the Endpoint PhoneBoy Speaks Ep 1063: Heading to RSA Conference 2016 Digital Equilibrium Project Looks to Balance Privacy, Security 2016: RSA Conference and The DomainTools Report RSA 2016: discover the security […]

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Laptop and traveling precautions

Best practice emphasize the fact to backup the data if you can’t live without it, in the same way a traveler must avoid taking sensitive data on the road unless it’s absolutely necessary to do so. If you do plan to take sensitive data with you on the laptop, the necessary security controls must be […]

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