Apr 29 2011

Top Five Hollywood Hackers Movie

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In movies the hacker tries to hack into a Department of Defense computer by speed-typing passwords. We all know reality is nothing like this and we see it as the joke that it is.

But business management don’t see the inherent risks as affecting business bottom line but a hindrance to another new project; they don’t see the research, the probing, the social engineering, risk impact, risk probability and overall risk as security professional do. It is our job as a security professional to show the risks in business terms to management so they can make a reasonable decision based on business risk threshold rather than emphasis on hinderance to bottom line. Remember the return on investment in security is part of doing business, it’s about reducing risks on ongoing basis and keep the company profitable on long term basis (keep making the money).

Emphasize management’s accountability for the risk and most importantly for residual risks (remaining risk after implementing a control). Put the onus on the Information Asset Owner who should be at the management level not a technical staff (may delegate responsibilities in small companies). Make clear recommendations but let them make the key decisions AND make them accountable if things may go wrong.

So yes, management is more impressed by flash and glamour, Because they know and good at analyzing the business risks but take the security risks as business inhibiting to their new project and may like to accept the risks rather than taking the time to address the issue which should be a corrective control to mitigate the existing risk to acceptable level.

What do you think – Do the Hollywood movies add any value in a sense to emphasis the information security risks as a threat to business folks or they just fictional stories which make business people ignore the information security threat?

Which one is your favorite hacker movie….

Below are the top three hackers movies

3-Hackers, 2-Untraceable, 1-WarGames

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Nov 26 2008

Cyber threats and overall security assessment

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In the past when senior management (execs) needed to understand the financial implication of cyber threats and their exposures, they turned their questionnaires toward IT for relevant answers. In other words IT risk assessment was the answer in the past to understand the financial implications of cyber threats. The IT risk assessment is not the comprehensive or overall assessment of the company to understand the total implications of cyber threats. The overall assessment will not only include IT but also other departments like HR and legal etc… Basically cyber threats are neither IT issue and nor a legal or HR issue any more, it’s simply an enterprise management issue.

In old days the firewall was used as a major defense against potential cyber threats. The new cyber threats are sophisticated enough to demand better defense. New threats (virus, adware, worms, Trojan, spyware, spam, phishing) use modern techniques to bypass defenses. The potential risks of these new threats demand an immediate attention (of CFO or higher) and approval for resource allocation to protect against cyber threats. To make a solid business case for security ROI, senior level execs need to know the overall risk they are reducing, and their highest priority.


ANSI and ISA have jointly released a document to assist senior management to prepare for financial implications for cyber threats. Basic essence of the guide is to provide a tool to execs to understand the financial implications of potential cyber threats to their organizations.

“The 40 page guide was put together by task force of risk management execs from more than two dozen organizations. The new guide offered by ANSI and the ISA recommends that CFO ask their various team’s questions about the biggest threats to data confidentiality, integrity and availability,” to get to know the existing controls in place and any relevant mitigation plan. Risk analysis of this information can help execs to map the cyber threats risks into correct financial terms and make better resource allocation.
The senior execs who want to implement information security as a process in their organization should consider ISO 27001 (ISMS) as a best practice, which provides a reasonable on-going due diligence to protect and safeguard organization data.

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