Oct 18 2022

Detailed explanation of 11 new security controls in ISO 27001:2022

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If you’re a security practitioner dealing with ISO 27001, you’re probably wondering what new things you will need to implement as part of the changes that will be made to this standard during 2022.

In this article, I’ll focus on 11 new controls that are set to be introduced in ISO 27001. For general information about the changes, see this article: Most important facts about changes in ISO 27001/ISO 27002.

What you’ll notice is that some of these new controls are very similar to old controls from the 2013 revision; however, because these controls were categorized as new in ISO 27002:2022, I have listed all 11 in this article.

As the main source for this article, I’ve used guidelines from ISO 27002:2022 – I’ve given an overview of requirements, technology, people, and documentation, but if you’d like to learn about these controls in more depth, you can purchase the ISO 27002 2022 standard.

Finally, keep in mind that these controls are not mandatory – ISO 27001 allows you to exclude a control if (1) you identified no related risks, and (2) there are no legal/regulatory/contractual requirements to implement that particular control.

So, let’s review the 11 controls in more detail…


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