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Pegasus is listening

Pegasus is listening: Q&A with Paul Rusesabagina’s daughter Carine Kanimba You may not recognize the name Carine Kanimba, but you have probably heard of her dad: Paul Rusesabagina. He was the manager of HĂ´tel des Milles Collines and rather famously decided to shelter some 1,200 mostly Tutsi Rwandans in his hotel during the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. […]

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NSO Group told lawmakers that Pegasus spyware was used by at least 5 European countries

The Israeli surveillance firm NSO Group revealed that its Pegasus spyware was used by at least five European countries. The controversial Israeli surveillance vendor NSO Group told the European Union lawmakers that its Pegasus spyware was used by at least five countries in the region. NSO Group’s General Counsel Chaim Gelfand admitted that the company had “made mistakes,” but […]

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Pegasus: Google reveals how the sophisticated spyware hacked into iPhones without user’s knowledge

Pegasus spyware was allegedly used by governments to spy upon prominent journalists, politicians and activists. A Google blog has revealed how the sophisticated software was used to attack iPhone users. The software used a vulnerability in iMessages to hack into iPhones without the user’s knowledge. The Pegasus spyware, developed by Israel’s NSO group, made headlines for being used by […]

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