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Chinese Hackers Using 42,000 Phishing Domains To Drop Malware On Victims Systems

An extensive phishing campaign targeting businesses in numerous upright markets, including retail, was discovered by Cyjax recently in which the attackers exploited the reputation… China’s Playbook – newĀ Art of War

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macOS Malware of Chinese Hackers Storm Cloud Exposed

The Hacker and the State: Cyber Attacks and the New Normal of Geopolitics

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NSA Equation Group tool was used by Chinese hackers years before it was leaked online

The Chinese APT group had access to an NSA Equation Group, NSA hacking tool and used it years before it was leaked online by Shadow Brokers group. Check Point Research teamĀ discovered that China-linkedĀ APT31Ā group (akaĀ Zirconium.) used a tool dubbed Jian, which is a clone ofĀ NSA Equation GroupĀ ā€˜s ā€œEpMeā€ hacking tool years before it was leaked online […]

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