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Costaricto APT: Cyber mercenaries use previously undocumented malware

CostaRicto APT is targeting South Asian financial institutions and global entertainment companies with an undocumented malware. Blackberry researchers have documented the activity of a hackers-for-hire group, dubbed CostaRicto, that has been spottedĀ using a previously undocumented piece of malware to target South Asian financial institutions and global entertainment companies. ā€œDuring the past six months, theĀ BlackBerry Research […]

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Stuxnet Malware Analysis

Stuxnet Malware Analysis By Amr Thabet Stuxnet videos library History of Stuxnet – Previous articles | DISC InfoSec blog What is Stuxnet, who created it and how does it work? | CSO Online GitHub – micrictor/stuxnet: Open-source decompile of Stuxnet/myRTUs Stuxnet Source Code Released Online – Download Now Stuxnet Family Tree Grows Ā Subscribe in a […]

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Advanced Persistent Threats are the main challenge for businesses

Advanced Persistent Threatsā€™ are top infosecurity challenge for businesses in 2013 MitigatingĀ Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)Ā is going to be a main challangeĀ and should be the highest of information security priorities for businesses in 2013, according to governance, risk management and compliance firm IT Governance. Latest APT threats should be taken into account inĀ an organization risk assessment […]

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