CostaRicto APT is targeting South Asian financial institutions and global entertainment companies with an undocumented malware.

Blackberry researchers have documented the activity of a hackers-for-hire group, dubbed CostaRicto, that has been spotted using a previously undocumented piece of malware to target South Asian financial institutions and global entertainment companies.

“During the past six months, the BlackBerry Research and Intelligence team have been monitoring a cyber-espionage campaign that is targeting disparate victims around the globe.” reads the analysis published by BlackBerry. “The campaign, dubbed CostaRicto by BlackBerry, appears to be operated by “hackers-for-hire”, a group of APT mercenaries who possess bespoke malware tooling and complex VPN proxy and SSH tunnelling capabilities.”

Source: Costaricto APT: Cyber mercenaries use previously undocumented malware

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