Mar 16 2010

Microsoft Power Point 2010 Hacks and Tips

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San Francisco ( – Microsoft Office 2010 is the latest version of Microsoft Office productivity suite. The new features of Office 2010 are its extended file compatibility and a refined user interface. Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most important parts of the Office suite and has many advanced features. But Microsoft Office software has been a potential attractor for many hackers and malware publishers. Some weak code or loophole in the programming is their target so that they can get their malicious code injected into the end user computers. It has been a favorite playground for the hackers since Microsoft’s Office’s birth. But the new Microsoft 2010 comes with three new security layers that are very efficient to get rid of hacks and malwares. The three new layers are named as Protected View Mode, Binary File Validation system and Enhanced file blocking system. But we have some hacks that work on this new version.

Opening Password Protected Files through Hacking

Microsoft Office has a feature to password protect the files. But the password protected files can be opened bypassing the password. All you need to have is some hacking. If you don’t know how to hack them, don’t panic. If you don’t know anything about hacking, you can still open the file. There are many softwares available for this purpose. Office Password Remover is a good example of that. Using this software you can hack password protected files and the software will return the files without the password. The software does not take too much time either. It can remove the password within minutes.

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