Feb 21 2022

New Version of the NIST CSF Tool

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By John Masserini


I am quite thrilled to announce that the long-overdue update to my NIST CSF tool V2.0 is finally done. While this new version generally looks the same as the prior one, there are substantial changes underneath which will make updating it in the future far easier.

Originally released in January of 2019, it has become the most popular page on the site, with almost 20,000 downloads. To get a full understanding of the tool, you can read the original post here which goes into great detail about why it was developed and how to use it.

After numerous requests, I have also added the NIST Privacy Framework to the tool as well. The same logic has been applied here as to the CSF side – it’s just as, or perhaps even more, important to measure what you do (your practices) against what you say you do (your policies) when it comes to Privacy as it is Security.

As always, I welcome suggestions and feedback. The email to reach me is in the worksheet.

You can find the new version on the Downloads page.

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