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Oops! Meta Security Guards Hacked Facebook Users

Facebook parent Meta has disciplined or fired at least 25 workers for allegedly hacking into user accounts. Some of the workers were contract security guards, we’re told. Wait … disciplined or fired? How were they not all fired? And prosecuted? And how come security guards have access to Facebook’s internal account-recovery tools? All these questions and more will be asked in today’s SB Blogwatch. Please tell […]

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DUCKTAIL operation targets Facebook’s Business and Ad accounts

Researchers uncovered an ongoing operation, codenamed DUCKTAIL that targets Facebook Business and Ad Accounts. Researchers from WithSecure (formerly F-Secure Business) have discovered an ongoing operation, named DUCKTAIL, that targets individuals and organizations that operate on Facebook’s Business and Ads platform. Experts attribute the campaign to a Vietnamese financially motivated threat actor which is suspected to […]

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Facebook’s ‘Red Team’ Hacks Its Own AI Programs

Attackers increasingly try to confuse and bypass machine-learning systems. So the companies that deploy them are getting creative. Source: Facebook’s ‘Red Team’ Hacks Its Own AI Programs

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