Jun 08 2021

The Benefits of Automated Penetration Testing

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Penetration testing has been one of the industries that are relatively slow adopters of automation. As security firms started automating many parts of the cybersecurity process including scanning and threat intelligence updates, security testing for some time was still mostly about traditional methods.

β€œIn the past few years, the use of automation in many spheres of cybersecurity has increased dramatically, but penetration testing has remained stubbornly immune to it,” as noted CISO Alex Haynes explains in an article exploring the potential of AI replacing humans in this field.

This is perfectly understandable, considering that penetration testing needs to be thorough and supervised by experts. Many of its parts are repetitive, but they require the scrutiny of human cybersecurity professionals to be carried out effectively. AI and machine learning technology has yet to reach a level advanced enough to competently handle the complexities of security testing.

However, the past years have produced excellent examples of solutions that take advantage of automation. These pen-testing platforms employ automation in specific areas that make excellent sense. These existing solutions provide convincing evidence of the benefits of automation in this field of cybersecurity.

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