Oct 11 2021

An Adoption Guide for FAIR

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Jack draws on years of experience introducing quantified risk analysis to organizations like yours, to write An Adoption Guide For FAIR. In this free eBook, he’ll show you how to:

Lay the foundation for a change in thinking about risk

Plan an adoption program that suits your organization’s style.

Identify stakeholders and key allies for socialization of FAIR

Select and achieve an initial objective, then integrate business-aligned, risk-based practices across your organization.

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Mar 29 2021

Understanding Cyber Risk Quantification – A Four Minute Journey Into Your Future

Category: Risk Assessment,Security Risk AssessmentDISC @ 10:56 pm

Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ) is now viewed as a core pillar of any effective Integrated Risk Management program. This short explainer video walks you through and gives you a glimpse into your future as a top tier cyber risk management organization. 

A FAIR Approach

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