May 08 2021

Records and Information Management: Fundamentals of Professional Practice

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Records and Information Management: Fundamentals of Professional Practice, Fourth EditionĀ presents principles and practices for systematic management of recorded information. It is an authoritative resource for newly appointed records managers and information governance specialists as well as for experienced records management and information governance professionals who want a review of specific topics. It is also a textbook for undergraduate and graduate students of records management or allied disciplinesā€”such as library science, archives management, information systems, and office administrationā€”that are concerned with the storage, organization, retrieval, retention, or protection of recorded information.

The fourth edition has been thoroughly updated and expanded to:

  • Set the professional discipline of RIM in the context of information governance, risk mitigation, and compliance and indicate how it contributes to those initiatives in government agencies, businesses, and not-for-profit organizations
  • Provide a global perspective, with international examples and a discussion of the differences in records management issues in different parts of the world. Its seven chapters are practical, rather than theoretical, and reflect the scope and responsibilities of RIM programs in all types of organizations.
  • Emphasize best practices and relevant standards.

The book is organized into seven chapters that reflect the scope and responsibilities of records and information management programs in companies, government agencies, universities, cultural and philanthropic institutions, professional services firms, and other organizations. Topics covered include the conceptual foundations of systematic records management, the role of records management as a business discipline, fundamentals of record retention, management of active and inactive paper records, document imaging technologies and methods, concepts and technologies for organization and retrieval of digital documents, and protection of mission-critical records. In every chapter, the treatment is practical rather than theoretical. Drawing on the authorā€™s extensive experience supplemented by insights from records management publications, the book emphasizes key concepts and proven methods that readers can use to manage electronic and physical records.

Records and Information Management 4th Edition by Dr. William Saffady now available

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