Nov 24 2021

Reconnaissance for Bug Bounty Hunters & Pentesters

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New to the bug bounty and confused about where to start? Worry not! This reconnaissance for bug bounty hunters guides you to take the first step in bug bounty hunting.

Reconnaissance is the initial step in every penetration test, bug bounty, or ethical hacking. This step aims to gather the target’s information publicly available on the internet.

Publicly available data offers technical details about the network structure and systems. However, it also contains information about personnel and the firm that might be valuable later in the attack.

Two types of cyber reconnaissance are:

  • Passive Information Gathering
  • Active Information Gathering

Let’s utilize some suitable tools and gather the victim’s information passively first. The tools I will use to collect victim’s data will be:

  • Passive Recon Tools
    • Google Dork
    • Netcraft
    • WHOIS
    • Social Media
  • Active Recon Tools
    • Nmap
    • GoBuster
    • Dig

The above-mentioned tools are not the only tools; there are many tools available for data gathering which you can utilize.

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A bug bounty hunting journey: Overcome your limits and become a successful hunter

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