Pwn2Own Tokyo 2020 hacking competition is started, bug bounty hunters already hacked a NETGEAR router and a Western Digital NAS devices.

The Pwn2Own Tokyo is actually coordinated by Zero Day Initiative from Toronto, Canada, and white hat hackers taking part in the competition have to demonstrate their ability to find and exploit vulnerabilities in a broad range of devices.

On the day one of the competition, bug bounty hunters have successfully hacked a vulnerability in the NETGEAR Nighthawk R7800 router. The participants were the Team Black Coffee, Team Flashback, and teams from cybersecurity firms Starlabs and Trapa Security, and the Team Flashback earned $20,000 for a remote code execution exploit that resulting from the chaining of two bugs in the WAN interface.

“The team combined an auth bypass bug and a command injection bug to gain root on the system. They win $20,000 and 2 points towards Master of Pwn.” reads the post on the official site of the Pwn2Own Tokyo 2020.
The Trapa team successfully chained a pair of bugs to gain code execution on the LAN interface of the router, the experts earned $5,000 and 1 point towards Master of Pwn.

The STARLabs team earned the same amount after using a command injection flaw to take control of the device.

The Western Digital My Cloud Pro series PR4100 NSA device was targeted by The Trapa Security team also earned $20,000 for a working exploit for the Western Digital My Cloud Pro series PR4100 NSA device.

The exploit code chained an authentication bypass bug and a command injection vulnerability to gain root on the device.

Source: Pwn2Own Tokyo Day one: NETGEAR Router, WD NAS Device hacked

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