Apr 11 2023

Protect your data with a USB condom

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Better to have USB data protection and not need it, than need it and not be prepared.

A selection of PortaPow USB condoms, also known as data blockers
A selection of PortaPow USB condoms, also known as data blockers

There are three things that I make sure I do when I’m out and about. I seek out the best coffee I can find. I make sure I use a VPN when using public Wi-Fi, and I always make sure I use a USB data blocker, otherwise known as a USB condom, whenever I use a third-party charger (such as those you find in coffee shops).

OK, first off, what on earth is a USB condom? 

Also: FBI warns of public ‘juice jacking’ charging stations that steal your data. How to stay protected

A USB condom is a small dongle that adds a layer of protection between your device and the charging point you’re attaching it to. 

Remember, USB isn’t just a charging protocol, it also allows data to flow back and forth, and while most of the time this data flow is safe, it is possible to create a malicious charging port that can do bad things, such as plant malware on your device or steal your data.

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