Apr 08 2022

Developers Remediate Less Than a Third of Vulnerabilities

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Developers Remediate Less Than a Third of Vulnerabilities

Developers are regularly ignoring security issues as they deal with an onslaught of issues from security teams, even as they are expected to release software more frequently and faster than ever before.

In addition, developers fix just 32% of known vulnerabilities, and 42% of developers push vulnerable code once per month, according to Tromzo’s Voice of the Modern Developer Report.

The report, based on a survey of more than 400 U.S.-based developers who work at organizations where they currently have CI/CD tools in place, also found a third of respondents think developers and security are siloed.

Tromzo CTO and co-founder Harshit Chitalia pointed out the top security vulnerabilities of the past few years—Log4j, SolarWinds, Codecov—have all been supply chain attacks.

“This has made AppSec an urgent and top priority for CISOs worldwide,” he said. “In addition, everything as code with Kubernetes, Terraform and so on have made all parts of the development stack part of AppSec.”

From his perspective, the only way this big attack surface can be overcome is with security and development teams working hand in hand to secure the application in every step of the development cycle.

He added developers ignoring security issues is one of the fundamental issues AppSec engineers have with security.

“Security teams put their blood, sweat and tears into finding different vulnerabilities in code through orchestrating scanners and manual testing,” he said. “After all the work, seeing the issue on Jira queue for months is disappointing and quite frustrating.”

Fighting Friction

On the other hand, he pointed to developers who are now asked not only to develop features and fix bugs but also look at DevOps, performance and security of their applications.

“This leads to friction in priorities and, if unresolved, leads to unhappy employees,” he said. “The C-suite is very much aware of this problem, but they are stuck with security tools which are not created for developers. As application security is going through a big transformation, we believe the tooling will also shift.”

He explained there were several concerning findings from the survey but that two, in particular, stood out.

The first thing Chitalia found deeply concerning was the fact that 62% of developers are using 11 or more application security tools.

He said application security has evolved in recent years with AppSec teams now responsible for source-code analysis, DAST, bug bounty, dependency, secrets scanning, cloud scanning and language-specific scanners.

“This means developers are constantly fed information from these tools without any context and they have to triage and prioritize the workload these tools generate for them,” he said. 

The second big worry was the fact that a third of vulnerabilities are noise.

“If someone told you that a third of the work you did needs to be thrown away every single day, how would you feel about that?” he asked. “But that’s the current state of application security.”

False Positives a Big Negative


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