A baby allegedly received inadequate childbirth health care, and later died, at an Alabama Springhill Medical Center due to a ransomware attack.

An Alabama woman named Teiranni Kidd has filed suit after the death of her baby, she claims that the Springhill Medical Center was not able to respond to a cyberattack that crippled its systems causing the death of the infant daughter, reported The Wall Street Journal.

According to Kidd, the Alabama hospital did not disclose that it was hit by a severe cyberattack that interfered with the care for her baby, Nicko Silar.

“Nicko suffered a severe brain injury when medical staff failed to notice the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck because of a “lack of access to critical services and information caused by the cyberattack,” the suit said. She died nine months after the cord cut off her blood and oxygen supply.” reported The New York Post.


The hospital released a public statement about the security breach the day before the infant was born announcing it “has continued to safely care for our patients and will continue to provide the high quality of service that our patients deserve and expect.”

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