Feb 09 2014

Why to use hardware-encrypted USB sticks

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Hardware encryption has tangible benefits as file sharing and mobility tools, as backup drives and much more. Also hardware based encryption is more secure because the keys are embedded in the flash drive, require physical access to get, and very specialized knowledge to extract them.

  • Safeguard keys and critical security parameters within crypto-hardware
  • Authentication takes place on the hardware
  • Cost-effective in medium and larger application environments, easily scalable
  • Encryption is tied to a specific device, so encryption is “always on”
  • Does not require any type of driver installation or software installation on host PC
  • Protects against the most common attacks, such as cold boot attacks, malicious code, brute force attack

if you want your organization to avoid the risk of a data breach, you need to use hardware-encrypted USB sticks when you transfer data outside of the organisation, such as SafeXs 3.0. Using SafeXs 3.0 sticks will protect any data stored on them to a high degree as the data is hardware encrypted, which is more secure than using software encryption.

You should also use a USB stick management solution such as SafeConsole to ensure you are managing your secure USB sticks. This offers the advantage of being able to remote wipe data if a stick goes missing, enforce security policy across your sticks and a whole host of other security features.

Ensure your information security runs smooth through the use of a simple, secure USB stick such as SafeXs 3.0 that is  used in conjunction with SafeConsole Secure USB Management.

Integral® 16GB Crypto Drive – FIPS 197 Encrypted USB

Hardware Encrypted USB Flash Drive

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