Apr 26 2024

What is Vishing

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Ready to learn about Vishing? Let’s play Vishing Vigilante. The term vishing is short for Voice Phishing which is basically a scam carried out over the phone. Vishing calls are often cash driven. The attacker wants to trick you into gaining access to your money. Scammers may also take advantage of your desire to be helpful, create a sense of urgency, or stir strong emotions like fear and curiosity. It’s easy to impersonate someone over the phone, but here’s the thing; you’re always in control because you can always disconnect. A scammer may try to manipulate you by trying to scare you. They might claim that you have overdue taxes and will be arrested unless you pay them immediately. Scammers may try to excite you by claiming you have won a prize or a vacation, and to claim it you just need to pay a small fee. They may tug at your heart strings by claiming to be a charity that needs your donations. Pretty low right. So the next time you receive a strange phone call, ask yourself if it could be a vishing attack and remember you can always disconnect. When it comes to cybersecurity we all need to level up.

Vishing: Voice Vishing

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