Feb 10 2021

US Response to SolarWinds Hack Has Been ‘Disorganized’: Senators

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The U.S. government’s response to a massive hack of government and corporate networks has been “disjointed and disorganized,” according to the leaders of the Senate Intelligence Committee, who are urging the Biden administration to appoint someone to lead the effort.

In a letter made public Tuesday, Democrat Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia, who chairs the committee, and Marco Rubio of Florida, the ranking Republican, said that the federal response to what U.S. officials say was a hack by a Russian intelligence agency “has lacked the leadership and coordination warranted by a significant cyber event, and we have little confidence we are on the shortest path to recovery.”

Experts say it make take months to oust the hackers from government networks, and the senators added that the threat the breach continues to pose to the country demands a single leader “who has the authority to coordinate the response, set priorities, and direct resources to where they are needed.”

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