Jan 22 2021

US administration adds “subliminal” ad to White House website

Category: InfoSec jobsDISC @ 11:44 pm

Well, it turns out that the new 2021 White House website added a job ad, too, presumably hoping to get some publicity and to attract job applicants to the US Digital Service (USDS).

The USDS describes itself as a part of the public service that aims to use “design and technology to deliver better services to the American people”, and its goal is to attract at least some of those technophiles that might otherwise be lured to join the fast-paced, dollar-sign world of commercial cloud-based products and services.

After all, today’s technology business juggernauts are in a position to offer eye-watering starting salaries and the promise of fast-paced, ever-changing coding challenges based on the very latest hardware platforms and programming languages.

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