May 11 2024

Unlock The Power of 1000+ ChatGPT Prompts!

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Get the Most Out of Your Content Creation, Lead Generation, and Innovation Efforts!

Awesome ChatGPT Prompts

OpenAI Cookbook – Code and example prompts for accomplishing common tasks with the OpenAI API

Linus on Twitter

Barsee – ChatGPT Full Course

Rohit Ghumare on Twitter – ChatGPT for DevOps Engineers

Pratham Kumar on Github – ChatGPT Prompts

Kavir Kaycee – ChatGPT prompts for product Managers – ChatGPT Copywriting Prompts

Pascio – Copywriting ChatGPT prompts

Hasan – The Ultimate ChatGPT Guide

GarryFlix – ChatGPT Business Crash Course Playbook

donbader – The Ultimate ChatGPT Business Course

Abhishek – ChatGPT All-In-One Resources

Fatih Kadir – The Art of ChatGPT Prompting: A Guide to Crafting Clear and Effective Prompts

Sushant Lakhyani – 333+ Mind-Bending ChatGPT Prompts

Martin Slaney – The Product Manager’s Prompt Book

BONUS: Awesome Innovations using ChatGPT

Curated by: Rohit Ghumare

ChatGPT jailbreak prompts proliferate on hacker forums

ChatGPT FOR CYBERSECUITY: The Ultimate Weapon Against Hackers

ChatGPT Hacking (in Portuguese)

PROMPTLY SPEAKING A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO CHATGPT PROMPTS: From Basics to Brilliance, Unravel the Secrets of Effective AI Communication

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