Feb 20 2021

The What and Why of Ethical Hacking

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Ethical hacking refers to gaining unauthorized access to a system through different strategies. An ethical hack is carried out by following the footsteps of real hackers who mean harm to the system. By duplicating their strategies ethical hackers can identify vulnerabilities in the system. Once these activities are identified there is a better chance of resolving the issues before actual hackers find a way to gain access to your system or application.

What do Ethical Hackers Do?

Ethical hackers are also known as “white hats“, they can be thought of as experts who perform security assessments to ensure that an organization’s security is not at risk. Companies hire teams of ethical hackers who help to identify system vulnerabilities and ensure that the security of the company is not compromised in any way. They generally follow four key protocols listed and explained below:

The What and Why of Ethical Hacking

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