May 13 2012

The Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Tool

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With over 10 years in the market and 2,500 global downloads, vsRiskTM has been helping organizations all over the world carry out successful risk assessments.
Risks assessment is the core competence of cyber security management. Every decision you make must be proportionate to the actual risk your organization faces. You must therefore assess risks on a structured asset-by-asset basis – and experience proves you need to save time and money with a risk assessment tool that automates and simplifies this process.
vsRisk is the definitive ISO27001:2005-compliant risk assessment tool which will help you become cybersecure

vsRisk – The Definitive Cyber Security Risk Assessment Tool
The vsRisk Assessment Tool has been designed with the user in mind to effectively identify, analyze and control their actual information risks in line with their business objectives. Key features of vsRisk include:
• Assessing key areas such as Groups, Assets and Owners
• Capturing your IS policy, objectives and ISMS scope
• In-built audit trail and comparative history
• Assessesing attributes on Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability, in relation to Business, Legal, Contractual
• Comprehensive reporting and gap analysis

Alan Calder, CEO of Vigilant Software, talks you through the risk assessment process using vsRisk
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This unique risk assessment tool helps you get on top of the critical risk assessment phase of your ISMS project and, most importantly, sets you up for future risk assessments as well.
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vsRisk and Security Risk Assessment

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