Mar 01 2023

5 open source Burp Suite penetration testing extensions you should check out

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How does Burp Suite extensions help in Penetration Testing…

Burp Suite is a popular web application security testing tool that can be extended through the use of various plugins and extensions. These extensions provide additional functionality and capabilities that can assist in the penetration testing process. Here are some ways that Burp Suite extensions can help in penetration testing:

  1. Automated vulnerability scanning: Burp Suite extensions can automate the process of scanning for vulnerabilities in web applications. These extensions can identify common vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and file inclusion vulnerabilities.
  2. Customized payloads: Some Burp Suite extensions allow for the creation of customized payloads that can be used in testing for specific vulnerabilities. These payloads can help identify vulnerabilities that may be missed by standard scanning tools.
  3. Integration with other tools: Burp Suite extensions can integrate with other tools used in the penetration testing process, such as vulnerability scanners and exploit frameworks. This integration can streamline the testing process and make it more efficient.
  4. Brute-force attacks: Burp Suite extensions can automate brute-force attacks against web applications. This can help identify weak passwords or authentication mechanisms that could be exploited by an attacker.
  5. Fuzz testing: Burp Suite extensions can perform fuzz testing to identify vulnerabilities caused by unexpected or invalid input. This can help identify vulnerabilities such as buffer overflows or other memory-related issues.

In summary, Burp Suite extensions can greatly enhance the functionality and capabilities of the tool for penetration testing. These extensions can automate tasks, provide customized payloads, integrate with other tools, and help identify vulnerabilities that may be missed by standard scanning tools.

When it comes to assessing the security of computer systems, penetration testing tools are critical for identifying vulnerabilities that attackers may exploit. Among these tools, Burp Suite stands out as one of the most popular and widely used options among security professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Here’s a collection of Burp Suite extensions to make it even better.

Burp Suite extensions

Auth Analyzer

The Auth Analyzer extension helps you find authorization bugs. Navigate through the web application as a privileged user and let the Auth Analyzer repeat your requests for any defined non-privileged user. With the possibility to define parameters, the extension is able to extract and replace parameter values automatically.

Burp Suite extensions


Autowasp is a Burp Suite extension that integrates Burp issues logging with the OWASP Web Security Testing Guide (WSTG) to provide a web security testing flow. This tool will guide new penetration testers to understand the best practices of web application security and automate OWASP WSTG checks.

Burp Suite extensions


Burp_bug_finder is a Burp Suite plugin (written in Python) that makes the discovery of web vulnerabilities accessible. This version focuses only on XSS, and error-based SQLi. There’s no need to send XSS payload either for reflected or stored payload manually. You need to browse the pages where you want to check XSS vulnerability or error-based SQL injection.

Burp Suite extensions


Nuclei is a simple extension that allows you to run Nuclei scanner directly from Burp Suite and transforms JSON results into the issues.

Burp Suite extensions

Pentest Mapper

Pentest Mapper is a Burp Suite extension that integrates the Burp Suite request logging with a custom application testing checklist. The extension provides a straightforward flow for application penetration testing. The extension includes functionalities allowing users to map the application flow for pentesting to analyze the application and its vulnerabilities better. The API calls from each flow can be connected with the function or flow name. The extension allows users to map or connect each flow or API to vulnerability with the custom checklist.

Burp Suite extensions

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Jan 09 2023

Top 10 Best Penetration Testing Companies & Services – 2023

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enetration Testing Companies are pillars when it comes to information security, nothing is more important than ensuring your systems and data are safe from unauthorized access, Many organizations have a flawed security culture, with employees motivated to protect their own information rather than the organization.

This sets up an opportunity for attackers seeking ways into a company to exploit it and get access to critical data and secrets.

In this article, we will see the 10 best penetration testing companies and understand what penetration testing is. We will also discuss its importance, different types of tests, and how they are conducted. 

What Is Penetration Testing?

The term “penetration testing” refers to the process of checking an application’s or network’s security by exploiting any known vulnerabilities.

These security flaws might be found in a variety of places, such as system configuration settings, authentication methods, and even end-user risky behaviors.

Apart from assessing security, pentesting is also used to assess the effectiveness of defensive systems and security tactics.

The cyber security condition is shifting at a breakneck speed. New vulnerabilities are discovered and exploited all of the time, some of them are publicly recognized, and others are not.

Being aware is the greatest defence you can have. A penetration test uncovers security flaws in your system that might lead to data theft and denial of service.

Top 10 Best Penetration Testing Companies – 2023

Best Penetration Testing Companies: Key Features and Services

Top Pentesting CompaniesKey FeaturesServices
Astra SecurityAutomated Vulnerability Scans, Continuous Scanning, CI/CD Integration, Zero false positives, Pentest Report, Customer Support, and Theories on How to Report to Regulators.Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, Security Audits, IT Risk Assessments, Security Consulting Website Protection, Compliance Reporting.
DetectifySimple and intuitive interface, Prioritized remediation advice can your web applications and APIs in the cloudPenetration Testing, Scanning for Vulnerabilities
IntruderProvides results from automated analysis and prioritization, Examination of configurations for flaws missing patches application weaknessesManagement of Vulnerabilities, Penetration Testing, Perimeter server scanning, Cloud Security, Network Security
InvictiBuilt-in reporting tools automatically find SQL Injection, Scan 1,000 web applications in just 24 hoursPenetration Testing, Website SecurityScanning, Web VulnerabilityScanning
Rapid7Easy-to-use interface-click phishing campaignsPenetration Testing, Vulnerability Management
AcunetixAccess Controls/Permissions, Activity Dashboard, Activity MonitoringImmediate actionable results best web security services seamless integration with customer’s current system
CobaltProof-Based Scanning, Full HTML5 Support, Web Services Scanning, Built-in Tools, SDLC IntegrationIntegration with JIRA and Github, OWASP Top 10PCIHIPAA, and other compliance report templates customer Reports API for building personalized security reports test vulnerabilities functionality
SecureWorksmore than 4,400 customers in 61 countries across the world perform more or less 250 billion cyber eventsPen Testing Services, Application Security Testing, Advance Threat/Malware detection, and preventing Retention and Compliance Reporting
SciencesoftCertified ethical hackers on the team33 years of overall experience in ITIBM Business Partner in Security Operations & Response, Recognized with 8 Gold Microsoft CompetenciesVulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, Compliance Testing, Security Code Review, Infrastructure Security Audit
CyberhunterBest for Penetration Testing, Network Threat Assessments, Security Audits, Cyber Threat Hunting, Network reconnaissance, vulnerability mapping, exploitation attempts, cyber threat analysisPenetration Testing, Network Threat Assessments, Network Security Audits, Cyber Threat Hunting, Network Log Monitoring

Table covering 10 Penetration Testing Companies & Key Features

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Jan 04 2022

NetCat for PenTester

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Penetration Testing: Step By Step Guide

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