Feb 02 2022

Image OSINT Tutorial – Exif, Metadata, Reverse Image & Geolocation

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The internet is making the world a much smaller place over the period, allowing millions of users throughout the globe to interact and share digital information, ushering the rest of the world into the β€˜digital world.’

Open-source intelligence (OSINT) in the digital world describes all the public data you can access and view.

Images are also incredibly helpful in an OSINT investigation since they can reveal what a target seems like, where the target has been, or any devices that were used.

Researchers can utilize pics to create the intelligence image, discover equipment used to capture photographs, determine where and when photos were taken, and determine if a social media profile relates to a target utilizing search engines and free resources.

This article is a list of tools and tips. It will show you how to look for, obtain, extract, and analyze digital photos.

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